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Nutrition 365 is a Health/Nutrition Bar downtown Adrian where you can fuel good and feel good!

Here you'll find GOOD VIBES, Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes (over 100 recipes to choose from), Green Teas (cold or hot), Fruit Teas,  Protein Coffee, Healthy Energy  Drinks, Protein Snacks, Sport Nutrition and more.

You'll be able to belly up to the bar Monday-Sunday. grab and go or stay and relax.

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Angela Lawson

Nutrition 365 Owner & Wellness Coach

Welcome to Nutrition 365.   Hello there! I am a retired  Health & English Teacher of 20 years and  Health,Wellness, and Business Coach and Entrepreneur of 13 years. 


I've lost over 60  pounds of body fat and got my health and energy in check and love making a positive impact on other people.


I'm passionate about my family, nature and outdoor activities such as walking and kayaking, animals especially my pup Franklin, our community, Cardio Drumming (I've been leading for 9 years) and changing lives through nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle.


I can NOT wait to meet YOU at the Nutrition Bar! 

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