Nutrition 365 is a Health/Nutrition Bar downtown Adrian where you can fuel good and feel good!

Here you'll find GOOD VIBES, Healthy Meal Replacement Shakes (over 100 recipes to choose from), Green Teas (cold or hot), Fruit Teas,  Protein Coffee, Healthy Energy  Drinks, Protein Snacks, Sport Nutrition and more.

You'll be able to belly up to the bar Monday-Sunday. grab and go or stay and relax.

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Angela Lawson

Nutrition 365 Owner & Wellness Coach

Welcome to Nutrition 365.   Hello there! I am Health Teacher of 20 years and  Health,Wellness, and Business Coach and Entrepreneur of 10 years.  I've lost over 50 pounds of body fat and got my health and energy in check and love making a positive impact on other people. I'm passionate about my family, nature and outdoor activities such as walking and kayaking, animals especially my pup Franklin, our community, Cardio Drumming (I've been leading for 6 years) and changing lives through nutrition and a healthy active lifestyle. I can NOT wait to meet YOU at the Nutrition Bar! 

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Tammy Weadock

Nutrition 365 Operator & Wellness Coach

Welcome to healthy living! I’ve been very active my whole life. Started teaching dance in 1972, went to New York City and danced professionally in my early teens through my 20’s. Got into the fitness world when I became a Zumba Instructor in 2008. I started cardio drumming in July of 2017 and found the most amazing fitness community. After losing 50 lbs and experiencing the wonderful world of having a health coach get me to my health goals, I wanted to do the same for others. I have 2 children, 1 grand child and one on the way. I love helping others and will sure enjoy a nutritional shake with you at Nutrition 365. Hope to see you there!

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Kimberly Williams
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Greg Williams

Nutrition 365 Owner & Wellness Coach

Nutrition 365 Owner & Wellness Coach

I am a local Health & Wellness coach striving to make our communities healthier 1% each day through better nutrition, education and fitness activities. You'll often find me helping to run our Cardio Drumming and Bootcamp classes. Our philosophy is 80% Nutrition, 20% Exercise and 100% Mindset!

I’ve been in the medical industry for ten years and the last six years in the medical device manufacturer industry.

I am passionate about helping other reach their healthy, active lifestyle goals, especially our youth. I love spending time with like mind people, camping, kayaking, photography, graphic design, and foremost my family. I have two daughters, three sons and four grandkids and a furry cat named Porker.

Welcome to Nutrition 365! I am excited to meet you at the Bar!


Hi! I am very excited to join the Nutrition 365 and serve up healthy shakes, teas and energy! I am currently 18 years old and am a recent graduate from Adrian High School. I will be heading to Adrian College to study Psychology in the fall and pursue Social Work.  I am a student athlete joining the track team as a discus and shot put thrower and am looking forward to taking what I am learning here and applying it to help me both as a student and athlete. What I love the most so far about being at Nutrition 365 is how supportive everyone is. 

I am a U.S. Navy Veteran. I have two sons and two daughters and married to my partner in crime, Kimberly Williams. I am a Sr. Technical Specialist for over 40 years and looking to retire within the next three years!

I am a health & fitness coach and love seeing people reach their lifestyle goals. I lead Bootcamp classes and enjoy cardio drumming. I enjoy the outdoors and love dogs, especially golden retrievers!

Welcome to Nutrition 365! I'll see you at the the Bar!


Tracey Bailey

Nutrition 365 Operator & Wellness Coach

Hi I’m Tracey Bailey! As a Health Coach, I inspire to motivate others who struggle to care for themselves through finding the key to loving themselves. I spent over 30 years of my life in the corporate world. I LOVE my transition to being an entrepreneur thru my passion of helping others transform not only their nutrition, but their bodies, and gain confidence! As a mom of 4 children, both grown and young, I found myself severely overweight and unhappy. My life has completely changed! I have transformed physically and internally! I have lost almost 60 lbs of body fat thus far in my journey, and I’m still actively pursuing my goal. More importantly, my family sees someone happier, more energetic, and loving life. I love baking, music, traveling, reading, cardio drumming, and cardio boxing. I look forward to seeing you at the bar!


Nutrition 365 Operator & Wellness Coach

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